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Bri-Mar Goes Green With Phosphate Pretreatment And Recycling Equipment

Bri-Mar Manufacturing Continues Its Quest Toward Green by Selecting the CPR System to Recycle Phosphate.

Chambersburg, PA, April 30, 2013 -Bri-Mar Manufacturing, one of the country’s leading manufacturers of hydraulic dump trailers, is proud to announce the completed installation of the CPR System to improve efficiencies in their cleaning and pretreatment line.  With growing concern over proper disposal of used phosphate pretreatment solution from their metal surface paint preparation line, Bri-Mar found itself searching for a more cost effective and environmentally friendly method of disposing of the wastewater.

Kevin Kelley, President and CEO of Bri-Mar says, “by itself, the cleaning and pretreatment application process is pretty straightforward.  The trick is what to do with the used phosphate solution after it hits the wash bay drain. Historically we had been treating and dumping the water.   After a lot of research, we selected the CPR System for its ability to recycle and reuse the pretreatment solution.  The closed loop recycling process frees us from the limitations and costs imposed by our waste stream permit.  As a result, we will reduce our chemical and water consumption by roughly 70% with nothing going down the drain.”

Lance Harrington, Bri-Mar’s Plant Manager, adds, “Prior to the CPR System, we were constantly trying to keep up with increasingly stringent regulations to allow us to send the wastewater to the borough.  The CPR System will free up a lot of man-hours not having to deal with as many inspections.  On top of that by switching to PhosBite 101, CPR System’s phosphate wash solution, we are cleaning and degreasing in one step.  Not only does this improve our cleaning process and the finish quality of our trailers, we have significantly reduced our chemical and water consumption by recycling.”

Bri-Mar Manufacturing, founded in 1995 in Chambersburg, PA has grown to be one of the largest manufacturers of hydraulic dump trailers in the country. In addition to the Dump Trailer line, Bri-Mar also manufactures a full line of Equipment Trailers, Utility Trailers, and Car Trailers.  For more information please visit

Located in South Bend, Indiana, CPR Systems is a division of T. George Podell & Co Inc.  Since 1989, the CPR System has been in operation providing metal fabricators a one-step metal pretreatment process with recycling to reduce their chemical and water consumption, improve paint adhesion and comply with ever increasing EPA regulatory demands.   Please visit for more information.

Bri-Mar Manufacturing LLC, Phosphate Wash System With Recycling Installation

Located in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, Bri-Mar is “one of the largest manufacturers of hydraulic trailers in the country.” (1). Bri-Mar also manufactures equipment trailers along with car and utility trailers. The integration of the CPR SYSTEM’S one step cleaning and phosphate pretreatment with recycling process progresses Bri-Mar toward a better, more cost effective way to pretreat their steel products before paint.

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Metal Pretreatment Wash Bay, Self Contained Phosphate Recycling | Amiberica

Amiberica Installation

CPR Systems created a self contained metal pretreatment wash bay and closed loop recycling system based in a large 40′ shipping container for Amiberica. This unit was shipped to Japan for us at a naval base.











Metal Pretreatment Canada, Phosphate Wash Water Recycling | Clemmer Steelcraft

Clemmer Steelcraft Install

Clemmer Steelcraft was looking to upgrade their existing electro steam unit for pretreating their large metal products before paint. They were looking specifically looking for water usage reductions and chemical savings through closed-loop recycling equipment. CPR Systems provided a closed-loop, zero discharge system to greatly reduce chemical and water usage.

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Metal Pretreatment Recycling, Eliminate Wash Water Hauling And Dumping | Kargo Max Trailer

Kargo Max Trailer Enclosure Installation

Having previously used a pressure washer to clean their large metal parts, Kargo Max Trailer was familiar with spray wand phosphating. Installing the CPR Phosphate recycling system, Kargo Max reduced their chemical and water consumption.





Zirconium Wash System, Metal Pretreatment | US Pool Fence

US Pool Fence installed a zirconium wash and recycling system. They produce over 60,000 ft of fencing and pipe rail in a year. They powder coat their large metal products and need a faster more cost efficient way to clean the metal before paint. You can see before and after photos of a rusted metal post and a clean metal surface that is ready for paint.









Metal Paint Pretreatment Equipment Installation: Interstate 1 Manufacturing

Metal Pretreatment And Recycling Equipment Installation At Interstate 1 Manufacturing








Beau-Roc Metal Pretreatment Test Panels

Beau-Roc Metal Pretreatment Test Panels

20 Years of Metal Pretreatment And Recycling Innovation


Cleaner Phosphoric Recycling Systems (CPR Systems) Announces 20 Years of Metal Pretreatment Innovation
South Bend, Indiana June 1, 2009 – CPR Systems celebrates its 20th year as the leader in metal pretreatment systems. Utilizing its high-pressure spray wand phosphate cleaning with recycling method CPR Systems has provided forward thinking, environmentally conscious products to metal fabricators and powder coaters since 1989.

CPR Systems is a division of T. George Podell & Co Inc. The CPR Systems cleans, degreases and provides a phosphate coating to metal substrates before the painting process in one step. This process provides increased paint adhesion with a corrosion resistant iron phosphate coating, reduced chemical usage, EPA environmental compliance and a 14-day no flash rust guarantee at 50% humidity. The first CPR System was installed at the New York Blower Company in 1989.  New York Blower, a manufacturer of large industrial fans, has since installed a total of 5 CPR Systems. The CPR Systems helped reduce its chemical usage by 80% by recycling the phosphate chemical used to wash their metal before the painting process. The CPR Systems also eliminated the need for daily wash water discharge monitoring by the elimination of wastewater dumping into the city sewer due to the closed loop recycling equipment provided.

CPR Systems has grown to provide international services with newly installed systems being launched in Mexico and Canada. CPR System President, George Podell says, “We are always looking for new and innovative ways to bring green and lean manufacturing practices to our current and prospective clients. We have been blessed to serve the metal fabrication industry for over 20 years. We are looking forward to providing our clients many more years of products and services that embody our commitment to quality, reliability and excellence.”

For additional information on the CPR Systems, contact George Podell or visit Budgetary quotations and other information are available upon request. Please visit our award winning website for up-to-date information, or our blog at http:/// for pictures and videos of current projects.

ABOUT CPR systems – The leader in high-pressure spray wand phosphate cleaning system with recycling. The CPR Systems provides the cleaning power of a 5-stage washer in one step. The wash water including the chemical cleaner is collected and recycled for continuous use. Designed for large metal products, the CPR Systems high pressure, cleaning, phosphate method is the definition of a lean manufacturing technology. The CPR Systems is energy efficient, environmental compliant, easy to use and operates on a low chemical consumption platform. CPR Systems is a member of NATM and NTEA.

Metal Cylinder Phosphate Wash System

Metal Phosphate Pretreatment / Cylinder Cleaning Method
Demonstration 1