May 2013 - CPR SYSTEMS

Bri-Mar Goes Green With Phosphate Pretreatment And Recycling Equipment

Bri-Mar Manufacturing Continues Its Quest Toward Green by Selecting the CPR System to Recycle Phosphate.

Chambersburg, PA, April 30, 2013 -Bri-Mar Manufacturing, one of the country’s leading manufacturers of hydraulic dump trailers, is proud to announce the completed installation of the CPR System to improve efficiencies in their cleaning and pretreatment line.  With growing concern over proper disposal of used phosphate pretreatment solution from their metal surface paint preparation line, Bri-Mar found itself searching for a more cost effective and environmentally friendly method of disposing of the wastewater.

Kevin Kelley, President and CEO of Bri-Mar says, “by itself, the cleaning and pretreatment application process is pretty straightforward.  The trick is what to do with the used phosphate solution after it hits the wash bay drain. Historically we had been treating and dumping the water.   After a lot of research, we selected the CPR System for its ability to recycle and reuse the pretreatment solution.  The closed loop recycling process frees us from the limitations and costs imposed by our waste stream permit.  As a result, we will reduce our chemical and water consumption by roughly 70% with nothing going down the drain.”

Lance Harrington, Bri-Mar’s Plant Manager, adds, “Prior to the CPR System, we were constantly trying to keep up with increasingly stringent regulations to allow us to send the wastewater to the borough.  The CPR System will free up a lot of man-hours not having to deal with as many inspections.  On top of that by switching to PhosBite 101, CPR System’s phosphate wash solution, we are cleaning and degreasing in one step.  Not only does this improve our cleaning process and the finish quality of our trailers, we have significantly reduced our chemical and water consumption by recycling.”

Bri-Mar Manufacturing, founded in 1995 in Chambersburg, PA has grown to be one of the largest manufacturers of hydraulic dump trailers in the country. In addition to the Dump Trailer line, Bri-Mar also manufactures a full line of Equipment Trailers, Utility Trailers, and Car Trailers.  For more information please visit

Located in South Bend, Indiana, CPR Systems is a division of T. George Podell & Co Inc.  Since 1989, the CPR System has been in operation providing metal fabricators a one-step metal pretreatment process with recycling to reduce their chemical and water consumption, improve paint adhesion and comply with ever increasing EPA regulatory demands.   Please visit for more information.